PRODUCT: H33M "Ctrl + Alt + Delete" FW'16

Maybe three brands get me stoked with they drop, maybe four, actually maybe 5 if you include eTceTera releases. The point is we normally do not care. Hence our lack of readership for popular blogs (the blog I do still check is Freshnessmag). They don't focus enough on no-name brands or brands in the beginning and it's wild to me because everybody knows the beginning is the best - even when you get better with time. It happens in music, movies and fashion constantly. We want Reasonable Doubt, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, 1992 Marc Jacobs Perry Ellis, the moments missed while happening and miss more than ever in hindsight. H33M may be in and or approaching that moment. What isn't cool is that he's going to have to put it on celebs and such to be noticed. But H33M is also in premium retailers globally. 

"CRTL + ALT + DELETE" features an epic illustration of the classic prayer hands only the fingers are chopped off, the design is screen-printed on the back and a patch on the on the front. The pullovers have reflective or glow in the dark designs down sleeves and embroidered H33M INC on the front. Their woven label game is very impressive and true to the brand this season - detail work and quality are key components in this drop, outside of compelling designs. Designs like my favorite the Quitters LS - illustration designs will usually win me over especially when the have a pencil-esque steez like it came out an artist's black book. Finally the Jetson flip is obviously GOLD if you're asking the 907, I mean we do flips - so anytime we see one that widens our eyes and raises our eyebrows simultaneously we have to give the slow-motion hand clap. We touched on everything down to the pins and lighters on this one - with the exception of one piece, the Casual Friday LS. The collection is available in-store starting Oct 15th and online the following weekend. 

Plenty of lookbook photos below: