First and foremost the Orca whale is engrained in Washingtonians as a magical animal with Pacific Northwest roots. They have been spotted around the San Juan islands and on the edge of Tacoma under the Narrows Bridge for years or at least as far back as I can remember. Maybe that's why Free Willy was such an emotional movie for ya boy at a young age?? Although the Orca did not officially become the Washington state marine mammal until 2005, more than a decade now should make it official. Either way the attachment is there for Club907, and apparently always has been, so when Netflix featured Blackfish feelings resurged. Coach P led the way by watching it in the shop completely zoned out and intrigued by the recanting of revenge on more than one occasion. Tilikum is a legend and hall of famer in our book, not because of his acts of violence towards those who attempted to play puppet master for a decade plus, but because in the end his outburst of rage caused long term change for his species. A law was recently passed in California early September banning Orca captivity for human entertainment. We had to throw it in SeaWorld's face one more time and present our alternate reality eTSeaworld where the "trainer" finale is just part of the show.

Model: 907Nick   @itsquickfool

Model: 907Nick