This isn't the first time that we have done a Griffey piece and it won't be the last I'm sure of that. It must have been our Fall '14 collection when we released a photo pullover of Griffey during his stint with the Rainiers caught in his signature Swingman silhouette with his nickname "The Kid" in big Mariner blue across the bottom of the photo. It is still one of our more talk about pieces for eTceTera aficionados and the piece that allowed us to shine in NY for a small moment of time via the good people at The Good Company. We would have waited at least another year or two to drop another KGJR homage but his retirement this year was something could not be overlooked. As a baseball fan growing up with a baseball obsessed father Griffey Jr. was the first thing we bonded over. In the beginning he wanted to tell me about his dad and how he was so 'bad' during his time (bad meaning good) but it didn't take long for conversation to only focus on one Griffey as KGJR began to develop his ESPN infamous highlight reel. The leaping catch that we decided to use instead of flipped the Swingman logo is a moment I faintly remember as a youth who would go onto play center field it shaped the idea of center fielder and the type of ball one is suppose to play in that position. I loved the stretch catch. SMH. Salute to Kev with his 10/10 art direction and tying the HOF stories together by referencing the Jordan 8 color blocking for HOF Griffey silhouette - the extending silhouette is a puzzle piece fit. That's why he gets paid the big bucks.