Kacey Lynch is the mind and design behind Bricks&Wood, a brand that we whole heartedly stand for at all times and also feature in Club907. The B&W keychain fobs and coaster set made of genuine Tanner Goods leather are some of the cooler accessories we have ever had stocked in the shop. But outside of his designer instincts Lynch has a nature eye and passion for photography and has been shooting film for a few years now, pretty much exclusively, until recently. Although he self-proclaims he is NOT a photographer - he is and has been credited for that and styling for multiple publications since the age of 18. Now 22, 'It's So Krucial' a podcast you can also find on iTunes featured Lynch earlier this year but just released the episode last month. And because this week we are taking a break from giving you the usual LIKEITORNOT, LIKEITORNOT we decided to put you up on what we've been up to.


In episode 2 we have superstar photographer, Kacey Lynch. Known for only shooting with genuine film, Kacey has a unique approach to keeping his craft special. Recorded back in June, we talk about the scarcity of real film, his upbringing/influences, and his new clothing line#bricksandwood. And even though its been out forever, we manage to talk some shit about Kanye’s #TLOP.
Check out Kacey here:
Insta: @kaceylynch
SoundCloud: @kaceylynch