New York is not my favorite place to visit - but it's home to some of my favorite people. The other apple (we're the 'bad', they're the 'big') is honestly too extreme for me, the weather, the crowds, the over-priced deli food and cigarettes. It's tough. But there are blessings in the chaos - CCNY is one of those blessings, along with thee most fire Shake Shacks and pizza slices from every angle and corner. Actually - come to think of it, even that can be a bit much after a weeks stay. But wilding with CCNY never gets old, plus he'll look out for you where other New Yorkers will not. I can recall the GRND gang played a dirty joke on me one visit and had me ride a Brooklyn Machine BMX from one borough to the next across the Manhattan bridge on a trick bike setup (meaning no seat) while everyone else was riding track bikes. Of course being drunk, out of shape and smoked I was immediately lost leaving the Crooks&Castles party by the water. I didn't even know I was lost until I made a wrong turn and heard CCNY yell "AYYYE" because he had come back for me when he turned around and noticed I was nowhere to be found. I ended the night as a sweaty mess and I'm pretty sure I slept on the floor in the back of the shop.

So shout out to DJ CCNY for not only saving me from wondering into the wrong NY pjs on a dark evening. But also for being a true homie, killing scenes in NY nightly, rocking day parties faithfully and taking the time to send us the newest heat from his catalog of mixes. It's Fall Ya'll isn't a R&B mix by any means but it does slow the vibes from what we have been riding around to all Summer. There is even some awesome nostalgia involved that will remind you why you love Fall or maybe why you don't. 

Either way enjoy.