It has really been a pleasure to watch Aramis go from words to actions and bring things into fruition through understanding his position in the scene. Before turning 21 Aramis is turning himself into one of the names you will hear and see frequently between the Tacoma and Seattle scene, on stage, backstage, by the bar, by the exit and elsewhere. He has filled in as DJ for most of the upcoming acts from Tacoma already and is known as the official 4716 BBE DJ. Outside of that he's known for his uncanny ability to call "what's next". There are honestly too many artists from Soundcloud and elsewhere for me to mention that he has rushed into the shop and played with electric enthusiasm. It's really refreshing.  He gets it, he's on the cusp of things, an early adopter and he knows that what he's into he's often into before most ears can properly digest something innovative and trend producing. That's the party side of the young DJ with the self-proclaimed rockstar lifestyle and mentality.

The other side is the diligent student of the game who seeks influences new and old as much as he knows he can be one. And that is what you hear gleam through on his seasonal mixes - For Spring has been my favorite thus far but his newest work For Fall is just as captivating. For Fall is soulful and even dark at moments but dance worthy in areas as well. It touches on the lengthy spectrum that is Aramis's sound with out being 45 mins to a hour long. Honestly most of the music in this mix is too far in front of me or too far behind me, like I missed it happen, but there are a few gems in the mix that resonate and kept me listening. It's that kind of culling and curating that makes Aramis's drops worthwhile. Play For Fall for yourself and pass it along or at the very least pass along of the name of man who made it happen. Aramis made one for the car cruise, the post work commute or in front of the fireplace - to me, thats a mix.