It is a fact that due to his pedigree there is a natural openness from the local culture and community to want Shawn to win. He has always had the personality, he developed and is still building on a reigning stage presence and command of the crowd, but Parker lacks in terms of lyrical prowess that seems almost second nature for most PNW artist - it's some weird embedded part of "backpacker" that usually comes stock. Shawn's might be emerging right now, he started and started releasing music early, it has been an advantage for him in several ways but particularly in the writing department because it is understood that it is to be nurtured. Other then the leveling up my our favorite part of his performance is the altering of cadences. That is exciting and refreshing to hear - it tampered with current generic Migos (old 3-6) cadence but Shawn also falls into his own paced pronunciation. And then of course there is the consistency of a solid hook is where Shawn has never lapsed and this a great hook, paring those elements with DJQJ is a recipe for a good time - Ohh Yeah.

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