Tre Duce is a new name I have become to take a liking to, for several reasons, but the biggest being that he was not afraid to step into the gaunlet and ask for an opinion that he knew would not be bias. He's also a part of this new Arizona to Washington stream that I see more and more as the months past. I'll admit before the writing bug bit me again, for the 2500th time, I was not sure I even wanted to give Tre a listen. After pages and pages of running into music that left a bad taste in my mouth and a disdain for "local" rappers I had to step away for a moment. Upon my return I wondered why not give everyone a shot and say how I feel about anyone asking for thoughts, opinions or critiques, so I pressed play.

Happy to say listen to Tre Duce, he's got something to his work that is different from the up and comers with the spotlight on them but is parallel in swag and authenticity plus the bars are enjoyable, he's more of an imagery storyteller than a witty satirical writer. There is a real focus on turning lyrics into songs in his work, "Tac Talk" even features Tre utilizing autotune. But the song Tre sent was "No Harm", and that song took me to "SS", which I did not like as much, and then to "Free" which I like a lot and will play for anyone who will listen - meaning you. So here is the first post of Tre Duce to you - is there room for him on the radar??