B.A. the Scribe is one of the most technically sound emcees that I have ever witness perform in Tacoma. He's flow is tight, concise and conscious. All three of these qualities drew me into listening further and even seeking out further work. But "conscious" ends up being the adjective to stick with a listener most after running through his Souncloud. B.A. is proof the backpacker with passion still exists and with the help of Wffles production they are keeping authentic underground grit alive. The thing I love about their sound is how much it sounds like 15-20 years ago, it is also the aspect of their sound that takes away the replay value for me. It's so authentic to the past that it has dated itself to novelty after a few spins, there is no modern aspect to it from a sonic value. Some of the traditional cadences felt like they should have been over more modern drums and melodies while some of the vintage sounding records need the touch a of newer or popular cadence to create a balance and keep the listener engage with something relatable to their current ear. The bars become lost in the balance as well and it ends up being a hard hole to climb out. BUT, then again, the title of the email was "PROTEST MUSIC FOR YOUR ELECTION DAY" so did I think I was getting myself into.

The Shrouded Door is for the hip-hop historian's ear, and if you have that ear this project is potent, and I recommend playing all 5 tracks my personal favorite being More Than Flesh. More Than Flesh is the best example of the passion and "how in the pocket" B.A. can be and was over Waffles traditional production when I heard them for the first time. If nothing else Waffles, B.A. and Yodi have picked a lane and they are sticking to it, it would seem that it is more about being heard then receiving the glory from their peers for these guys. 

The Shrouded Door is the prequel EP to the full length project Welcome to the Blue Room.