Ghoul Ghoulish Ghoulavelii whatever we're calling him nowadays has been on a tear the latter half of this year. His work ethic has always been above and beyond his peers but now his confidence in releasing music seems to have sprouted wings and his numbers are flying parallel. Evidence of both come from GOOLHOUSE and his latest release of Dickies. Not that Ghoul cares much but the numbers on Stunna and Dickies thus far show that on Soundcloud he can garner 10k+ listens by himself as much as he can next to popular underground artist Slug Christ. Come to think of it as I write I'm flashing back to being on the freeway heading South to Tacoma and playing WHOA for the first time. We knew at that moment that he had either fallen into or found the pocket and captured the spirit of Fulla and Benz the songs that built the house of BBE for a lot of listeners and in particular our fan base.