D. White is an artist we have had the pleasure of following prior to even his first release. He's a quick witty writer with a focus on pronunciation. He's also a student at the Seattle UW campus from Eastside Tacoma and takes a new kind of pride in that unseen by eTc - it's refreshing. Outside of being an artist he is heavily in support of artists, he helps run a blog that post content only focused on up and coming artist. He's a sharp whip and understands that helping other continuously helps himself. "Chain of Commands" was easily our favorite song on Escape Route: Preparation his first full length project promoted and put out by MYL Music Group. We were hoping to get a few visuals from the project but this one was at the top of the list. ThIS video has no concept or motif behind it which is frustrating but at the same time it is a reflection of D. White and his lifestyle. It's him, a young and ambitious artist hanging out with the people that support his vision, appreciate his craft and meeting new cool humans along the way. The moving camera angles, post production cuts and excellent camera quality. 'Chain of Commands' is the second video from the project - there was also 'How Much Longer' a more introspective piece shot as a street single/street release for Escape Route - also posted below for your viewing pleasure/PNW artist homework.