Misundvrstood (Misunderstood) is a unique story. She's from Renton (20 minutes South of Seattle) with her ears to the streets and eyes on the socials. I really feel like she sees and hears everything, that is a refreshing change from the micro-bubble artists love to capture themselves in as an attempt to stay popular - I assume. Misundvrstood is not that, she is out of her shell and she exudes self-confidence both on and off stage. My introduction to her talents was via Club907 open mic night, she slaughtered as a new name on the list and garnered at least a handful of new friends that evening. That evening at open mic she confirm two things, the first being that she can from both a lyrical and storyteller perspectives, second that she can develop relatable concepts and catchy hooks. Since her appearance in-store I have been watching from the balcony as she grows her online presence daily by being involved and active. But her best moments are the highlight reel of 1 to 2 minute performance videos or # challenges, she eats all of them. 

Now that her name is circulating and she can obviously see the moment and murmurs her timing is also on point with the release of her first official single "FLEX". I have been anticipating new work the more that I'm asked if I've her of her yet and now here it is with the perfect message for someone in her position - the harsh anxiety of waiting for the win. Following her on Twitter lead me to a 30 second snippet of her first "FLEX" live performance and she did not disappoint. Not only was the song immediately catchy to the audience she paired it with a popular dance move (dem folks) and jumped in the crowd to give the bars and raise the energy.

Play "FLEX" below. Follow her here.