Noisey (or a particular staff writer at Noisey - I'm not sure which one because I have not delved that deep into the politics of it all) loves Mackned or at the very least follows him closely. And it is because of their constant coverage that  I continue to see Mackned's name spotlighted after deciding that I was not a fan of his branding or music. I sit in front of this screen a change man - or ear I'm not sure which but I have altered my opinion. He may not be terrible. Although I still can not support the Hurt Cobain wave I saw the link to this new American Boy project and pressed play. Ned is not someone I would have suspected would play off of the current state of affairs within the States in the way he was able to flip the concept. 

Election Season caught me off guard. Obviously my Ned catalog and knowledge do not date back too far and when I first pressed play he was still grumbling melodies with drug induced content solely. I also saw him live during a THRAXXHOUSE show he headlined and was thoroughly unimpressed. It was actually depressing. But young homies vouched so I knew there had to be something there I was missing - bars. I was simply unsure he could rap or put together a decent cadence that wasn't popular culture or stolen but he proves me wrong on Election Season. He patterns his own flow, there is specific content, but he's still putting together a song his focus is still on making you enjoy it sonically. The title track "American Boy" Mackned proves me wrong again, convinced that the Noisey approved comparisons about Ned's capture of Kurt and Nirvana's spirit in Seattle and being authentic. His painful and painfully slow melody during verses blend into a droning melody at the hook and out of nowhere it's catchy. Didn't see that shit happening but it did and it's good. Like Kids was a single released before the project and it did well, it's a good concept and a fun flex song. Fought The Law is another track fits the thought behind the project's title and is probably my favorite track because of the complexity of the idea and the flip of a classic hook, it shows a little bit more about his influences and bases for his aesthetic plus it's just really fucking witty. It also makes me want to drive fast. Cam the Mac has a feature on American Family and, although it's the only part I enjoy, I enjoy it a lot.

Give it a run through and skip the ones you want to.