If you don't know who Theo Martins is - stop at the period and get into your Googles, play at least one full tape and for sure watch as many videos as you can from Martins. 

Not only is Theo Martins a phenomenal artist, both a rapper and singer, he also has a very clean and particular sense of personal style. A style he clearly curates in videos and during performances and now he's translating that style in something for consumers. I have seen other products out in the world but this collection is put together extremely well and the marketing has been perfect. "Bad Tendencies" is a commercial that Martins put together for the collection and it's worth pressing play as well. The Champion Reverse Weave pullover is dope although I personally hate the shape of them on a body - they seem to wide and not long enough BUT 12oz of a premium reverse weave cotton is hard to pass up. The tonal embroidered fleece with left chest pocket is priced so well that you have to wonder how, but that should be done while simultaneously adding it to your cart. You can guarantee to see more of them.