:30 is currently the most anticipated group from Tacoma to drop music. Even the T front runners IFY wait patiently in the wings for the next :30 mp3 and visual releases. It may be because we are all genuine fans of PHX but the talent he culled together is why we stay around. And while he's been traveling to expand the wave Scooby, SheedBe and DJ Quincy James stayed behind to stand up for the :30 name and crush the pipelines. Pause. It took some time but about a year since AM/PM their first full length and the one that put them on the pedestal is finally getting a follow-up. Street Pharmacist (cover art by PHX) releases 12/18 to the public. We brought the :30 boys into the LikeItOrNot fold to open the floor for each of them to speak on the project and how each song came out. It was an amazing podcast and an eye opener in many ways. "The streets is dark" - Miles