We have heard rumors over the past year about Mixed Kid's Food and his unusual business model. It's word of mouth only, you have to be on the mailing list to see the menu and that may be my favorite part. I also enjoy how the moniker of the company is misleading - there is no actual food truck - yet. Mixed Kid Food is a two person team, owner Kevin and his wife build the menu and cook together. 

The menu often has two or three different choices for both protein and sides to choose from but thanks to Club907 A Hyp this Sunday we were able to try a sampler of everything on the menu. Although nothing came in sample size, Andy met me at the door with two bags full of food complimentary from Mixed Kid to the 907. The sampler included two large containers of sides, a broccoli salad/cole slaw hybrid and mac n cheese, two to-go boxes packed to the brim with protein and 6 sammies. Pair that with good company, some of the 907 regulars, KhrisP, Neon Dion, Bruce Leroy, DJ Baloogz and our good ole buddies Rainier and Bud it turned into a shindig real quick. 

Handmade artwork via Mixed Kid Food Truck.

Handmade artwork via Mixed Kid Food Truck.

Our experience was full of smoked meat, both chicken and beef ribs, but the pull pork sammie with applewood bacon, grilled onions and cream cheese was the item that won our hearts. There isn't too much info that I'm allowed to disclose but I recommend finding a friend with the "in" around Tacoma and getting your hands what ever you can. 

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