Quietly we have been gearing up for our second installment of Soundwaves and doing so by peeking into areas of the Seattle rap scene we have overlooked for so long. It seems that, in an effort not to become the city of Macklemore's, the young and gifted are working together and harder - in a more cohesive fashion. Black Umbrella really seems to be leading the way as of late and, as far as we know, Sam Lachow and Raz Simone are at the fore of the bubbling imprint. Let us not forget Black Umbrella is also home to the TOWN's own King Leez who recently did his thing down at SXSW. But upon the return of the Black Umbrella crew to Seattle Sam Lachow and JakeHill put together a part 4 installment to the Young Seattle series and it's impressive. 

The line-up for Part 4 was the attention grabber, seeing names like Gifted Gab (Grayson is fan) Raz and obviously our personal favorite Dave B made pressing play a lot easier. But after watching the video in full it is clear Sam knew what he was doing pairing himself and these particular artist. And JakeHill did a phenomenal job in post-production stringing the segment together. There was only one transition we didn't agree with here at the 907 and that is impressive - we are picky bunch of Tacomans. But I was stoked to be introduced to B Skeez and Ariana Deboo I'm looking forward to seeing more of them.

Dave has the best verse per usual. Peace.