The STRANGEXUNUSUAL crew is a small and revolving camp of producers, emcees and singers. Constantly curated over time by creator Alexander Spit the sound is forever eclectic and some have used the word eccentric to describe the otherworldly and bass heavy mood that looms around most things Alexander. It's thee most refreshing thing you can play in this trap/half trap tempo hip-hop can not seem to stray away from. When it does, even if it is in hindsight, Spit will be noted as the front runner of the melancholy heavy melodies and bass lines. For a producer with zero formal musicians training Spit possesses all the strengths and weaknesses of a great composer. He's a genius basically. It has always been a personal wish of mine to hear his production and executive producer notes over a full Leon Swanks project. In the past songs like Escape Plan and Americana Melee have offered insight into how epic that could turn out. 

But, for now, in the mist of the Spit gearing back up to release his first full length project since 2013 he's been in the booth with Swanks who is also on his way to releasing his next full length project. The sound remains the same in the best way possible 'Tunnel' feels like late night Los Angeles car rides with all the windows down at stop lights doing your best MC Eiht head nod. Swanks is still my favorite rapper he does not disappoint with the bars.