There are few publications that matter anymore, both online and print. The publications that I once cared so much about have already or they are making their way to seasons end for the first adopter. And even the ones that are not dying the slow death have altered their function and content in such a way that it sucks. The cultural integrity is no longer there for me. Complex is the first that comes to mind when speaking about cultural integrity - they have lost their filter. They have always seen "everything" but they didn't give it ALL to their readership. It's the same with Hypebeast, instead of being the company to create several mini companies to keep sub cultures more segregated and for the purist, they piled it all on to one URL, in my opinion making a mess of already mucky waters. It's been a painful phase, in the cycle, to watch the proverbial sinking ship. 

So heart dropped the morning that I check my beloved INVENTORY Magazine only to be stopped at the doorbell by this disclaimer: 

INVENTORY: 2009-2016


After seven years, we’ve decided to stop publishing Inventory. We’re extremely grateful to everyone that has supported the magazine by advertising with us or selling it in their stores; to those of you that have purchased a copy; and to the people and brands that have helped to bring our pages to life over the course of thirteen issues.

Making this magazine has been such a valuable experience. The lessons learned, knowledge gained, and relationships cemented could never be replaced, and it’s a journey that I’ll remember forever. Due to the content and the people involved, it’s been a very personal project from the start, and I have to say the biggest thank you to my colleagues along the way. I want to acknowledge the pivotal work of Simon Roe from the beginning to the very end, as well as the roles played by Philip Watts and Owen Parrott, Stephen Mann and Anthony Hooper, Matthew Klassen and Chris Allen. Without your dedication Inventory would not have reached the same heights.

I look back on the legacy of what we’ve created with awe and pride, but the publishing landscape has shifted and it feels like the right time to move on, to conclude things with arguably our best issue, and pursue new challenges and opportunities.

Ryan Willms


Shit cut me me deep yo - I have been a looong time fan and supporter of what Ryan built over the years. Very cool moment in my life when my stint at Blackbird Ballard, shout out Nicole she taught me a lot during our time shared, Ryan and Philip Watts walked in the store. One them may have purchased some Woolwich Woolen Mills or A.P.C. I don't remember but SOMEBODY copped up because I remember the commission. They were mad humbled to see how stoked I was that they were there - Nicole stocked the magazine in Blackbird and The Field House, of course they are stopping in. It was a cool experience, personally, with an epic magazine I already admired plus it happened at home not in LA. I enjoyed that. So it's wack it's over but I guess it's tight there is a legacy...i guess...but it honestly just wack. For me it feels like the culture couldn't feed itself - there is not one person right now saying, 

"Thank goodness those guys are gone..."

Umi WagonerComment