It really feels like he's cracking this thing open. My favorite thing that FOR ME it's still the same Reese. I hear he's suppose to be some lifestyle flip flopping character but I must have missed it. Ever since cARTer introduced us and told me he did music I felt like he was a rapper that should have some say - he was the first one that spoke and more importantly LOOKED fashionable. That's saying a lot when the next time you blink everybody is Margela this and Ginchevy that. But bruh was in APC with us way, before Ye fell in and out of love with Jean Touitou, Dior denim and all that. But the rap gods pick who they want and somehow ASAP Rocky ended up w/ the spot. It should still be Ferg. 

I found out via Virgil on Twitter that this i-D feature was live on their website. i-D mag was my everything for a while before I found magazines like INVENTORY and Fantastic Man. So I know what can come next - even if the wave starts abroad and comes back towards the states later. That would make sense, his appeal is more Japan then mainland anyway. The amount of effort he and his Atlanta crew are putting into Pretty, the recent public Virgil co-sign and the PND IG flicks all seem like perfect timing. The fashion world may embrace him before the music industry but the day of reckoning is near. Below is his newest release which I'm sure will make it on Reese Vs The World 3 - having illroots feature something is coo - having i-D magazine premier something is a major key. 

Read the feature and what i-D magazine had to say here.