Baffled, that's the word that describes the feeling best. Last night was suppose to be the return - the return of the playlist, which is really just an outlet for young adult Tacomans looking to drink, hopefully dance, mingle and be merry but for sure listen to new shit, old shit alternative shit and hidden gems. I've mentioned before the networking aspect of it as well which I did see happen firsthand. It's good people having a good time. But there were bad seeds - like anything you plant and after only 3 nights venue 1 (the New Frontier) shut us down. It was devastating blow for those that came out and experienced the vibes because they were electric everybody smiling and buying each other drinks they couldn't afford. It was glorious. 

So glorious that The Swiss Thursday promoter reached out and inquired about doing a night. I was willing to be loyal to the soil but The New Frontier wouldn't take the chance I needed them to take and make it a weekly groove. So we booked the day with The Swiss 2 MONTHS OUT!!! That's where this all gets nasty - if you book someone close to 40 days in advance there is no rhyme or reason why you're not ready the night in question. It doesn't matter if you haven't seen the promotion. You're probably not cool enough to be in the loop - you obviously weren't the night you discover 80+ people crammed into the new Frontier drinking pitchers to trap music. So for me there is zero excuses just fucking have a sound guy ready. Didn't happen. So I scrambled, with special guest sending me their instrumentals and confirming soundcheck times I hopped the light link immediately to our old home at The New Frontier to see if they could accommodate the venue audible. No dice. 

To sum it all up it was another missed opportunity for the TOWN. All we want to do is provide a place for the culture to become a community. Am I asking for too much?? At this juncture I'm deflated, will I try again in the future?? Yes, because the void is becoming a gaping hole and a portal that takes our local crowds up North instead providing them a good time here in the T. I don't when and I don't know where but I know it's necessity. The struggle is real though. If you're down for the vibes - stay down.