I still don't have words - but if I had to piece the feels together they're a jigsaw puzzle and there is no time, we already use almost every hour of the day keeping the show moving. When I go down at 2AM P is up around 4:30AM restarting the engines making sure they never fully get the chance to cool off. It's really a labor of love that we choose to do day and night, but we were built for this. It stems for being entrepreneurs together circa 05' - it's time tested and approved. So violation is gut wrenching and it wants us to breed diabolical plots about getting ALL OUR PRODUCT BACK!!!! Yeah we had footage, apparently a witness and information that seemed very positive towards tracking our 4AM thieves, BUT that feeling wouldn't last long and week and half later not a word from the authorities about the footage we sent in because of our Vape Fusion homies. Although it seemed clear early on when speaking with officer Beals, whom was the officer that responded to my phone call to the police after arriving at the shop to make sure make we reported the incident, that "these" types of robberies usually end up open ended and capture averages are low low - low, my words - not his of course but the vibe was felt. I'm out here looking at people in a jacket they probably purchased with the real thought of spear tackling them to the ground for interrogation. It's a terrible, especially when getting into what I must talk about next - the love. 

There was real love that we felt like an earthquake. 907 Gizzy runs the Facebook every day posting bacon everything and anything and Earth tone sneaker choices galore, plus a bunch of other 907 lifestyle stories he finds. And it wasn't until he read me the analytics that I fully understood how many people new and old were willing to help us in our time of need. So when we put up the donation link and took down the shop I thought I knew the type of support we would get - but yet again I was overwhelmed by the willingness to help and the fact that the 'Sharper Than Ever T basically sold out during the pre-sale making in-store purchase a rarewear event per usual. That was a cool feeling after a lot of shitty moments. It also feels good to open while, being what some would say is wounded, operating with a board on 1/3 of our storefront. We wanted to press on. That has always been the nature of us in both our personal lives and business, we didn't see the point in breaking tradition and that energy is what sparked the T shirt graphic. 

Still the back office never took a break from business, the people let us know they care by doing their best to keep us around and that's in-state but a loooot of out-of-state too, Summer is on the way, SoundwavesVOL2 is on the way and the 2year is right around the corner. There is a lot to be grateful for and the silver lining is miles long at this point. So I want to give a personal thank you from the bottom of my heart to the people because you put P on the news!!! Top 5 greatest moments so far in eTcTacoma history - even while standing in the in manure of it all.  

One time for NIck McGurk thoooough!! 

Never Sharper.