I have only met Carrick once. But that was all it took to understand that his love for music and the culture behind it is genuine. You are truly unable to miss the fact that, if nothing else, he has a passion for music and musicianship in all forms and genres. So it make sense that he runs and possibly created TheBlowUpCo's endorse webisodes "7 Slaps In The Sack". He's the perfect host and reminds me a lot of infamous Nardwuar but with a restrain of the enthusiasm. In addition to Carrick's hosting capabilities his editing and episode intro credits help establish the level of professionalism and work that goes into making every episode different within its overall uniformity. Then there are the guest - most recently released is the Denzel Curry episode which I felt was informative in terms of hearing his influences. Curry is a pretty influential artist and has a sizable cult following, but Carrick also has his ear to the streets enough that he features smaller local cult followings like BBE artist Ghoul whom he featured in episode 18. Wenke has also done episodes with The Underachievers, Dave B, Gifted Gab and more; it's worth playing catch up to see what you've missed. But we'll continue posting episodes that peak our interests.