The lack of real skate homies in downtown Tacoma was alarming when we first opened our doors. Every once in a while, on the sunniest days, we would gaze up from playing Mario Kart and see a couple old head skaters going flat ground nuts in the covered parking lot across the street. That was very rare. But what we did see often were longboard crews basically street luging on the 15th and 9th street hill. It really bummed me out. Not street luge longboards but the lack of street skating. I do not skateboard, do not plan on skateboarding but there is something about the culture that breeds likeminded youth and I love that. Yup, selfish - so. 

Then one day this kid Shaq wandered into the shop smelling of the loudest plant life and wearing expensive Supreme outerwear, he stuck out like a sore thumb and I saw the authenticity immediately. Better still he is a filmer and I have learned through observation that the filmer is the glue to any good skate crew and often young and independent skate brand. He's the guy that has to care more about the crew as a whole then himself, he has to believe in the crew more than the whole crew combined and he's got to love to film - not just have the technical skills. 

Since his Zine release and photo show here at Club907 last year, where he previewed a teaser of some OG clips out the archive, Shaq has really been in the streets with the boys tough - I see them twice a week sometimes and they start early. Zack and Shaq are usually in the streets by 8AM. More recently the entire squad is taking every opportunity to get footy - it's inspiring to watch.

Houdinii is a brand as well, and now that the first merch drop has sold out Houdinii is gearing up for the second release. Word is the designs are finished and production is starting soon, meaning marketing is needed and what better marketing than a commercial showcasing the lifestyle. 

Peep the latest Houdinii teaser below.