The PEASANTBOYS are easily one of the better rap acts of Tacoma - the precision within their art direction has always capitvated me, JRM is a master of disguise and man of many hats in editions to being 1/2 of a group that as a part in bringing together the members of ILLFIGHTYOU. They have always been able to garner attention and there is a tempo set when they enter the building. Although they have been doing shows around the TOWN and Seattle in recent months previewing tunes they weren't releasing much and now see why. 

The last time I saw Jai he said they were ready to release they're next project and that Khris P gave them gold and I was prepared to tell the world when they did, but some how this got by us. So while I'll enjoy the project 20 times over in the next two weeks I'm disappointed in the promotion considering the type of support they could garner by annoying their followers for two weeks maximum. They have the voice the people want to hear they just have to utilize it. 

All that said we highly recommend this project in its entirety and expect you to pass it along to a sick soul in need, this is Tacoma lyrics, energy and creativity at it's best. Then there is the massive midwest influence that never fails - KhrisP of KREAMTEAM (shoutout to Reggie). KhrisP has proven in early that he understands how to embody the PEASANTBOYS sound. The GHOST TOWN shows a lot of growth for the brothers of the scythe. 

**Sidenote** here is another write-up about the project from DJ Dirty Snowball, it's pretty flawless and I'm hoping to read more reviews from his site 881theburg