Lil Ripp aka RippMKF aka Lewie is arguably the most consistent young emcee the TOWN has ever seen. There may be others putting out music at the same rate - but it's not being seen or heard at the rate of Ripp's releases. Part of that is because he's made himself an asset to himself by being proactive and learning how to mix down his own music - no wait time. He also has the most business acumen EASILY, he send professional email/press kits and shows solidarity to those use show even the smallest amount of support. Some call him an opportunist, some see the CEO in his character. 

So it was no surprise when last week an email jumped into the inbox about his latest venture - RippWaveWednesdays. A solid plan to flood the streets with cut after cut until he bust this shit wide open (pause) - I didn't like how that read aloud. 

The first cut is my favorite of the two thus far, 'Dear Kiara' has a fire beat, a cadence I prefer and great artwork. It's also a very relatable track, touching on issues with women or lack thereof after dealing with the wrong one. Success is really the best revenge when dealing with the opposite sex. The second release 'Problems' is a little more melodic and druggy - obviously speaking to and for his generation of zombified peers that take medication upon themselves in times of distress. The content hook content is a little over the top but it has provides the proper shock value and is pretty true to the lifestyle while the sample in the beginning sets the tone for somber vibes and melancholy moments. 

There is balance and there is structure to what Ripp is getting started and after watching him orchestrate a sold out show featuring himself and Trill Sammy I believe the audience that has heard of him is ready to listen. Peep both drops below.