Ghoulish recently released a new song and it may be the best that we have heard from him. If you were to linger around the shop you might hear me say that often. He has his aesthetic and he's refining it everyday; SGP homage is paid, all is right with the world. But producer Big Bitter's sound is so focused on this one and Ghoul falls into a slower flow which is very rare for the high energy BBE founder. He sits superb in the pocket and stays there for the entire song while touching on all the bases as he names off forms of stereotypical fashion fugaze in relation to racial background. There is nothing you can't thoroughly enjoy about it, in addition to a fun 5 star stunner hook that allows you to join in on the Ghoulish flow with the perfect bounce. 

Best part - he kept it to under two minutes so it's prime for back to back play with the illusion that you've only played it once. Ooor you can play it for ten minutes straight and not bother to count how many times - that's how I enjoyed it for my first go round.