I can safely say this is the longest album roll out that we have paid attention to - ever. But after experiencing the last leg of ILLFIGHTYOU shows before their hiatus until the solo runs and released and run their course I can also confidently say that timing is still everything and that guys are utilizing their well. But GLENN who is up first to bat from the SVNDLAAT camp dropped the first street single Cannonblaster a year ago, it was well received and there was even a visual released in order to hold over the high school and college freshman bombarding his snapchat begging for album snippets and new content almost daily. 

Since then he went back to the dark pizza cellar from whence he came and has focused and refocused his direction and even retitled the album twice. It's been a journey to say the least, but that's half the fun is it not?? It's probably not and that is why after a weekend in a beach house with TOWN friends and affiliates Elliot Lipp and Baloogz, GLENN wrote, recorded and released this new record 'CHEW' with Fish Tank Friends producer Cameron. For a restless fan like myself this shit is what I needed to hold me over, it was necessary. Cameron is sonically moody and this is no different. GLENN's aggressive presence isn't lost but does seem tamed and controlled on 'CHEW' and new effortless feeling from the usual firecracker. Could it be the confidence of one holding a full house?? It's clear we'll have to wait further into the Summer to hear about GLENNGLENNGLENN - one of the thousands of working titles he's been trolling fanboys with online. I love the Internet...on Sunday.