A big part of streetwear is making brand connection in person. That is not to say that e-commerce can't do the same but it will never fill the void of brick and mortar shopping. When you find the small ill brand that you're about to wear before everyone else around you does, you want to be able to know about it too, you become to expert before they get a chance to become a novice. You pair your unknowns with your knows and no you're one step ahead. The math is simple that's why it's so special. Chico, owner of SUBURBANTROUBLEMAKERS understands that and for a guy who is from FL setting up brand growth in the Tacoma he knows how touch down and show product consistently. That goes far when you are trying to make that personal connection with a shop owner, but if your product doesn't suit their taste it will never work. I happen to like the direction he's going in while still searching for that balance between being from the most South East state and residing in the 2nd most North West state (Alaska being the first). 

In one of our many discussions about the brand and about the culture I asked Chico what SUBURBANTROUBLEMAKERS meant to him and here's what he had to say - the abridged version,

" me SuburbanTroubleMakers means care free living and not giving a fuck. It means respecting other peoples opinions and shit but not letting it effect you because you're not worried about them or anything really. Its doing what you feel like doing and worrying about the consequences later. Its sparking that blunt in the no smoking section, its being double cupped up in the bowling alley when you're clearly under 21. its risk taking, gritty, not taking no for an answer type shit,"

One of the cooler aspects about the brand is how comfortable Chico is about the identity he wants the conversation to be about suburban culture. He's from there and he's speaking to that audience and for that audience with the notion that every kids understands the suburban mentality whether they are born in it or in the ghetto. Which is much like how certain suburban crowds resonate with kids from not-so-nice-ville. Thus far the brand has touched on tropical weather, drug culture and with his newest release a bit of Westside hip-hop culture referencing the one man band DOM Kennedy. 

I like what I see and I want to see more. You can peep what STM has going on here.