Since becoming so hyper focused on trends, fads and fashions in Tacoma for obvious reasons the hunt for something new has begun to make me itch. It's been a major part of the gift and curse that is growing up in the T. You see the whole place in about a hour in half and the feeling becomes "now what?" and that is a gut wrenching feeling from time to time. So when I discovered the StyleCommitment and Hoody's Closet it was a relief that we weren't the only progressive thinking minds involved in clothing out here. I always had faith. Whether men's or women's it's healthy for styles and looks to be shared, it can only help Tacoma grow that past following celebrity trends and instead developing its own identity for being a place that has polished stones meshed in with the rocky terrain. 

Our good friend VonaB is one of those polished rocks. And she just started her comprehensive style blog. The blog features her favorite looks which are paired with a short description of each piece. It's a smart look into her closet. For us at eTc her steez is a solid segway into one of the ventures up next for eTceTera the private label. We'll keep you updated on her moves from time to time but we suggest you follow her on instagram @Vona_B and be hop over to ClosetFreakStyledbyV