This post has nothing to do with eTc and everything to do with eTc. It has nothing to do with us because we are not in the car business in any form and, for the most part, vehicles aren't something we care to much about here in the back office. While Coach P does care enough to keep his car shining with a weekly car wash - I on the other hand prefer to let the rain take care of the bird poo. I've also found that it draws attention away from people peering into my car windows trying to figure out who's inside. Humans are nosy - hence reality T.V. 

But our good friend Chace is a totally different story. Riding new whips is part of his  personality, since meeting him it has been one vintage Porsche after another until more recently. He tired of the fancy sports cars and decided American muscle is much more appropriate. Not that my opinion matters much since I'm not behind the steering wheel but I agree. When he pulled up to the shop in his electric blue Dodge a few months back he was speaking enthusiastically about pursing his passions and only a few month later here we are promoting his new business.

Perfect Shine Auto Salon opens June 1st and Chace has always been a supporter of eTc since our earliest day being stocked in Gallery of Ambition - the Sanford and Sons era. So it's for sure TOWN appropriate to reciprocate the gesture and pull up on him opening week for a Deluxe Shine. Perfect Shine is going to be a place where they want to send you on your way with the same feeling the staff would want after leaving, the effort to make each job flawless will quickly become apparent and we look forward to seeing this local business blossom over the Summer season.