FRONK has returned, since Dartz the Internet has been asking about a follow up to the heavily influential Bobby Hill EP. But of course Frank has had little to no answers for the teen angst waiting to carry him on their shoulders - until now. BUM LIQOUR is exactly what Ugly fans have been waiting on - it's moody and aggressive, it's all bars and no hook, it's pissed off Franklin stunting over his infectious cadence and Khris P with unbeatable drums and Neptunes-like quirky sounds too match. It's really the duo doing what they do best and with Khris P just steps away from releasing his second solo project since YES (which may be close to 7 years old now), everyone in ILLFIGHTYOU is working at peak potential. You can expect the solo roll out to push boundaries and progress - all the amazing Khris P production and Tacoman heavy raps are going to plague late Summer like locust.  

Listen to BUM LIQOUR, go to and make your own annotations - please, I love to laugh at them.