Currently nobody in Tacoma has more potential than :30. Their sounds is "of-the-times" and they understand their flair is their own. Honestly the :30 clique has several projects and visuals loaded in the queue for release when the flooding starts this Summer but the first of many will be 'Clock'N' - a project curated in its entirety by PHX and written by SheedBe. Visually and sonically PHX understands Sheed, he knows what it looks like and develops each moment accordingly it's very precise and has been for sometime now. 'Gone' is a step further in the maturation of their collaborative efforts. Sheed is mumbled as ever speaking in :30 code about being 1 of 1 here and elsewhere but also being out of sight which is a PHX trademark. The structure of 'Gone' is still very on brand with how :30 does things. It's a song under 2 minute with a lifestyle video attached - the two go hand in hand when your dealing with :30. The high hope is that with only three songs on 'Clock'N' they'll bless us with three visuals to match. We asked for a release date on the project and were told,

"it's a surprise."

Umi WagonerComment