This time around the game has changed. Instead of our being a rager it's going to be a connector - that caaan easily turn into a rager if you play your cards right. The new night is Date Night and it's at The Swiss. The purpose of this night is to take your lady or find your lady out on the dance floor. The tunes will be very much a two-step groove, leaving room to talk and make sense of the night oooor room to dance/drink and lose your sense of direction - inevitably ending up in a strange place. Ooor possibly doing as gentlemen do and bringing the sand with intentions leaving with the beach to your bed. If advice can be given - you should go with the sure thing. The mood will be right. And crowned with the amazing live effort from JusMoni. JusMoni is a phenomenal soul and live singer from Seattle whom recently released her third full length Jus Moni as Saffroniaa.

The night starts at 9PM not 10PM that was an error, the recommendation is to show up on time to take full advantage of the drink specials and if the music fails, JusMoni will NOT, if the drinks do you in, she will soothe you back to life for the long uber ride home. This is your invite. And it's invite only. So invite someone.