One of the best qualities about :30 is their balance between being a crew kept to themselves and sharing the authentic experience of touring you through their daily reality. And so here they are giving you the unmastered version of twitter anticipated 'CLOCK'N', if you know anything about making music you can tell these songs are a few they've all been riding around playing for sometime now. If you don't know anything about making music these songs are PHX and SheedBe crew classics by now and PHX has decided to give us the BTS work - pre-polished. The gritty lo-fi indie sound and aesthetic are very much :30 authentic at this point in their rise. It's admiral and this is what you have to do when you have a following - you need to create new waves to present the content and, in this instance, reintroduce the content over and over again organically. So if we are all so lucky there will be a mastered version with extended track and/or bonus songs in the near future. New music grows on people, it's a process, but if you see/hear it enough then the age old marketing trick works and the people adapt to it. It's voodoo magic PHX and SheedBe have in the fold. 'CLOCK'N is three songs and via the unmastered version they score the story altogether as one long track. The first song 'Gone' may still be the favorite purely because the visual was so well done by PHX but the short project is solid all the way through and has some serious playback value via the 907 experience.