The Internet loves to categorize and sub-categorize fashion, artist, rappers and everything else. The 907 has been guilty of this a time or two along the way - no one is infallible. Amir is one those artist/emcees who is plagued by the "boom bap" theory of todays young hip-hop community. If you aren't making some form of the popular sound (meaning trap influenced) then you're either too eclectic or too vintage. The type of music Amir creates leans more towards The Roots then Young Thug for sure but how is that a negative?? But 'Finally Free' his latest work is much more produced and even features strong background vocals from Moxie Raia. It's a big song that feels like a single and embodies all the personality that is Amir timely and untimely raps all raveled together in a mesh of thoughtful lyrics observing his surroundings and the surroundings of those around him. He's a storyteller by trait and a comedian by nature his performance is lighthearted but the content heavy, it's the appropriate level up for Amirsaysnothing before the release of his anticipated project 'Employee of the Month'. 

Enjoy the third single from EOTM and follow Amir on soundcloud.