Recently Adam22 has been under fire because of some wild ass shirt he posted and possibly produced but at the very least endorsed. If you care about that part of the story - do your research or don't. If you understand how savage Adam22 is for sticking his hand deep down into the muck of Internet music and culture, with an emphasis on rap, then this video premier and first release from GLENN's upcoming solo project is something you have been waiting on - along with prayers hands that No Jumper will interview the trio ILLFIGHTYOU before we all parish. No such luck with the interview but GLENN pulled stunts with this video showcasing how off balance he can be and how a day in the life of IFY is mostly practical jokes, drinking and backyard basketball all very true to TOWN culture. After the release of CHEW of course this was waiting in the wings, Khris P beats never get old and GLENN is present with the aggressive bars. "Ya'll fuckin up/ if you let me in/ I'ma ruin rap" a classic IFY mantra to those whose think they're here to make friends. This year is about notoriety and paper. Best part of the video is all the TOWN bmx rider cameos holding true to the No Jumper lifestyle and GLENN's everyday New Balance wears.

Play this twice and disrespect anybody in the comments coming with disrespect.

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