From her start her passion and skill level have served as inspiration for those around her and those experiencing her on record or amazing live performance. It only takes one show to make you a fan and it only takes one conversation to help you feel/embrace her unapologetic ora and a personality that makes her captivating - championing her is effortless. Just press play. 

If it were not for this interview with Miss Moni LikeItorNot the podcast may not have been a thing just yet. Before doing the interview the original plan was to annotate the recording of our interview but hearing her voice changed things. Upon playback her voice when answering the second to last and last question were enough to come to the conclusion that you need to HEAR this and listen to the cats meow to comprehend how genuine MoniTep the human can be. Because it was so candid the recording begins and ends abruptly but we spoke mainly about her new project, it's success and how she got there. 

If you enjoy what you hear - you have the opportunity to see live performing songs from her new project in Tacoma at The Swiss June 16th 9PM to Midnight. No cover and drink specials.