Graphic T shirts with left chest and huge back hits are at the core of heritage behind streetwear. Chasing the perfect amount of satire is a feeling that becomes addictive once it becomes part of your shopping habits. But the wind direction has changed in the industry, as it so often does, and the second coming of subtle branding is here. Stripping away all the loud eye catching ingredients for more and detailed and tasteful pieces is the recipe. As a youth you want your wardrobe to be ever changing and complex, as a way of showing your range of personal style or to kill off peer competition. But as you get older you want‎ to simplify all things, your closet included, and achieving the simple life includes keeping a healthy range of basic pieces.

Basics are items that can be easily paired with more elaborate pieces such as floral button-ups, colorful bottoms and patterned jackets or outerwear to help complete a look or bring it all together. Our basics program was develop and functions as those perfect filler pieces. The EBP offering consist of solid colored bottoms, tanks and Ts that can be worn for business, business casual and date attire. The cuts are more mature and shaped, branding is more precise and tonal in addition to sturdy quality.  The eTceTera Basics Program is a solid base for any wardrobe build-out or rebuild. Quantity is always limiteD.