No matter the evolution of the genre. Hip-hop, rap, trap and everything in between is a young man's sport. It's about new and when you're old the hardest thing to do is appear new. There are some artist who pull it off however, Fat Joe just made his leap back onto the scene in a major way w/ his sister Remy Ma being fresh off a bid that had left her forgotten to the eyes and hears of everyone but Papoose. Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Kanye are in a league of their own and set the tone for being time tested brands and emcees, they are among the minority. 

And so it remains, we are always willing to give the youth a chance, whether they blossom into a Chance or become MF DOOM you're exploring, finding and trying something new. D. White is new. Not new to writing or performing or recording but new to releasing music and you only get to be that kind of new once. White is a rappers rapper, meaning lyricism isn't lost in his eyes it's the groundwork for prolific, not catchy, songwriting. And because of the company he keeps (other artists he works with) songwriting is a skill he developed and the direction he's chosen. He's under the impression, via certain minds that have helped to mold his, that if you write good songs great hits will follow - a method many have modeled too late. So it wasn't surprising to play his first release and here all the elements of a great song whether a hit is lying in wait or not. 

Highlights from the tape are: 

All White - A concept song about the young artist's passion and perseverance to carve a spot in the scene and cover all bases while doing so. His takeover.

Chain of Command - Another witty concept song about remembering what he's been talking about and sticking to the rules of engagement in an effort to prove himself worthy of peer attention. 

Round of Applause - A song showcasing White's range of topic and ability to pinpoint and speak to a specified audience. If you can't make a song that dances in a women's psyche for even either negative or positive reasons - you have already lost.

Strong effort for a rookie, we look forward to hearing more from D. White and hopefully seeing more with the release of a visual from "Escape Route: Preparation".