Homage must be paid, continuously - hip-hop is a huge factor in the emergence of streetwear. It was early artist that wore Ecko and Triple 5 Soul pushing up the demand for graphic branding. It would later be skate merchandise that add the satire we know and love so much at 907. The Record Collection is the sum of that. We dug deep into the crates of the eTceTera archives to reminisce on old concepts. The ideas that came to fruition are the brands that meant the most to us as youth and the labels associated with those brands and characters. The other motivation and inspiration is the significance some of the hip-hop rips that have pushed the culture and been done time and time again by streetwear/skate brands big and small. Death Row and Ruff Ryders have both seen companies from their respective coasts give their interpretation of their infamous logos, we took those influences and built on them further by adding juggernauts like Universal while touching on some of the most coveted empires our past such as Rocafella and Bad Boy. The collection is made for Summer offering tanks, Ts and our first pair of sweatshorts along with a pullover and coaches jacket for the perfect amount of Pacific Northwest layering.

Items are moving pretty fast. You may have until this weekend to grab your size then it's gone forever. Rarewear