Thriller Mike released Sunday June 5th, the day after their 907 in-store listening party, with the lead single ETA already catching good traction on Soundcloud and a solid response from the Twitter-sphere. It's solid front to back - the imagery in Swanks rhymes match bravado of his delivery and his mission to rep all things him while being OT. The intro is a snippet from one of the most notorious Tacoman legends Big Real who had a video of his overly thug boom bap raps go viral over a decade ago on YouTube. It's those type of lil that make Thriller Mike so good. Every sound is a jam but the jump to em jawns are Dipset and single ETA, he even through And1 at the end for good measure, playing his hand properly for those just getting tuned into Swanks, due to the fact that the song has garnered such a heavy Soundcloud following. 

The 907 personal pick?? Is hands down and two thumbs up for Playapresident. It is a phenomenal play on Swanks heavy reggae influence and showcases his range and craftiness when it comes to being melodic. Clap it up for NymblePaws who an arsenal to a knife fight.