Many people have no idea about DPI or the influence that the brand has had on this second generation of cult brands making their rise on the Internet and elsewhere. Death Precision is a one youth army pursing the restoration of the culture. It reminds me a lot of Freshjive and feels very much like the grassroots wears that I saw in streetwear years before I would make a purchase. Seeing a brand like DPI ensures me that it all really does come full circle although I know that he and he's East coast counterpart, Dertbag, have inserted themselves as the early adopters of the next wave. Both designers have already had full features on Hypebeast that validated their online presence and influence. 

This Summer DPI is coming with some of the best offering that we have seen from them. The oatmeal sweatshorts are a favorite - perfect for the approaching weather.  The DPI website was also recently updated with new colors of the 'Death Precision Logo' dad hat in baby blue and black colorways. We'll keep you updated with our favorite pieces as they release in the following weeks but I suggest you follow DPI on their social media outlets and subscribe to their website email list.