Out of all the young brands that we keep on our radar Second 2 None is one that feels the most grassroots streetwear. It's a one man show designed operated out of California and working hard on producing graphics tees that make sense to the brand and the designer's heritage. We have featured Second2NoneLmtd on the blog before and expressed how impressed we have been with the consistency and commitment to the brand aesthetic. There is a story behind every piece, (a big part of streetwear and why pieces are so intricately titled like the 'Slammer' T from this season) and that can draw a connection with the consumer and it is impressive that as such a young company, Second2None executes. S/S '16 doesn't have many products but all of them are solid and designer Marcus has been explaining all via his twitter account

It's another small yet solid offering from the young brand - get on the wave.