The love has been felt and you can see it all over the place, the beloved emcee's emcee AmirSaysNothing released his first full length project recently and the acclaim is nothing but thumbs in the upward direction. LikeItorNot follows Amir pretty closely throughout his triumphs and this one is no different getting love from Noisey with the exclusive content premier, his favorite rap dup of all time Atmosphere and The Hundreds who let him annotate his album cover to cover on their website with a feature entitled 'Track by Track'. 

The album is what you want to hear from Amir. He is sticking to his style, beat selection and content heavy song structure. Although this is his most serious release to date the project as a whole is a lighthearted story about Amir and his journey to get to this point. The consistent motif behind it all is work and working on it. That may be a why Noisey has help coin 'blue collar bars' its the every man flow versus the luxury tax raps we hear daily. 

Executive Produced by AmirSaysNothing & Cy Kosis
Production by Cy Kosis, Enzo, KReam Team, Jean Kengz & New Dersey
Mix/Mastered: Cy Kosis
Cover Photography: Isabel Carol