Bobby has forever been about being behind the camera lens whether stills or moving pictures. Every The Hundreds product commercial, promotional event footage and trip recap video you have seen over the years has either been co-directed and produced by Bobby or done him exclusively. He's truly amazing at observing and then telling the story, even being able to step back from his own life to gauge progression or downfall and build an accurate and vivid storyline. It's been one of the most invaluable assets that he's brought to The Hundreds and streetwear as a whole. This year, through product line extensions and marketing maneuvers Bobby is ready to expand on the story he's been telling for the decade and cover new ground. This 'Wildfire' production proves it as a screen full of The Hundreds employees and friends journey together scene after scene from familiar to unfamiliar terrain as a pack until in the end they raise a flag symbolizes the beginning of a new chapter as well marking the closer on one that has been influential to several companies in this industry good and bad, young and old.  

It's vague and dramatic and very effective.