Thee imperial KhrisP has returned. Sometime last year he attempted to give warning about his up coming solo efforts although he's still the entire sound behind both the GLENN and UGLYFrank projects on the way - KhrisP is a talented lyricist and song maker. If you have ever had the pleasure of playing "YES" his previous solo work then you can expect to hear and feel progression and confidence in his demeanor. Parts of the project were recorded w/ Blakksoul who is known in the independent artist community as not only a great feature but a technical engineer w/ a ear prone to vocals. 

To awaken the KP fan club, an Internet cult of closely watching followers, KhrisP has released a duo pack. Two songs - one produced by himself, the other produced by :30's DJQJ. Both songs tap into performance KP, (‎EMPIRE) really feels like an extension of YES in terms of production but heighten emotion in his voice and addition confidence in his cadence set it apart. Double UP is a different story, it has all the bounce KP and been prepping his audience for and wit in every bar and even the hook. It really showcases his song making capabilities. Not to mention the production by DJQJ the pair are very much in sync and the synergy makes for a banger product. Considering these are just the street singles and that they may not even make the project it's perfect for building anticipation.

To get the people involved KhrisP is also selling a cool sticker pack featuring variations of the KP logo.