Aaron Cohen is a necessary name to have on your radar. His rhyme skill is heavy - pound for pound. His story is even more intriguing and his work ethic is admiral. Cohen is CONSTANTLY working and flying from here to there to make it happen. All the terrible white rappers floating around the US pissing us off need to take a quick tutorial from Cohen on how to not look like a cornball. His attitude is genuinely "Fuck it" and appropriately so. Although most people would believe he's from NY Cohen is actually from Seattle and has the grit of an older Seattle that no longer exists. 

Off The Ground release June 24th via Cohen's Soundcloud and its more solid work from a purist emcee, that doesn't mean he doesn't make songs and leave for a catchy hook or two. But when listening to Cohen listen for bars because it's impressive stuff. Also if you have never seen the visual he out did himself on execution and the way it was circulating the Internet I'm sure the wave is rising and we won't be able to miss Cohen's next releases if he can ride this momentum.