Over the last mouth Ripp has stayed extremely con‎sistent with his RippWaveWednesdays dropping them sometime in the late evening and promoting throughout the day. He was moving too fast for us to stay on pace but we finally caught up.

Go Head, the first of three, features another talent from the T and a big brother figure to Ripp - Roderic. It's a slower song, for the ladies, about giving what you can and giving someone the room they need to move along with their life journey and jump out of yours at their own discretion. Roderic's intro into his verse are a highlight.

Too Much, Ripp and Shoulderz both do some story telling about life experience and the extras that follow their lifestyle. This sound is more of what Ripp is known to do well - he's mastered making songs that are true to the camaraderie shared between friends growing up in the same neighborhood and addressing friends turned foes over street politics. 

Camille's Promise has the "you can do it" attitude that keeps the faith present in his fans and believers. It's another ode to those that have been standing with him still, his message is if you continue to stay steadfast whatever he said he's gonna do he will do. But it also shows that he knows the people need to rally behind the Ripp brand in order for him to speak for those around him you have yet to be heard and continue to gain relevancy with his target audience and core fans. 

Overall the work is solid. No hit in the mix just yet but there are a lot of Wednesdays left and LikeItorNot we are going to keep you updated.