This is for sure not the type of lifestyle that the "New Tacoma" wants to see but it is very authentic and dare I say genuine to the not-so-distant past that has become synonymous with Tacoma. Gang affiliated and a bit rowdy. The good could not exist in the manner it does today without this aspect of the gritty city - it's embedded in the DNA and although it should not be celebrated it's necessary to recognize that it was a harsh reality for a generation of Tacoman that are only just now reaching their forties. So it makes no logical sense for it to be genetically evolved out of current culture just yet, you can not discount those souls that suffered, necessary or not there were stripes earned on the front lines of gang violence that people either can't shake due to reputation or won't shake due to sacrifice. 

That is what you will see - but what you will hear is some of the best usage of Kokane on a hook that I have ever heard. There is modern flow and feeling that has remnants of the limp heavy phase of West Coast music, the swinging drum is trunk slump, walking music in it's most primal. Its the other side of the balance beam for Leez who in recently years has heavily strayed away from the harder side of hip-hop. He's still rapping with the same ferociousness but fighting a more admiral fight for our youth and youth across the nation and globe.  Shot and edited by YG Preach this was really a moment for the original Y-Lyfers to showcase Lyfe is really for life. I also feel compelled to shout out Raz for understanding what it is that Leez provides and how it could not be provided by anyone but Leez. I'm here for this song and you can bet your bottom dollar it's getting spins in Club907 every Sunday for the rest of the year.